David Harper is a recognised artist, his work hangs in homes around the world from California to Australia and is sold in several prestigious galleries in the UK. David’s artwork is very much inspired by the thousands of objects he has handled over the years, his time in Africa and the great 20th century painters like Picasso, Matisse, Leger and Vlaminck, all of whom he has studied and who’s colours and flamboyancy have been engraved on his mind.

When asked in interview how he has time to paint? David’s response was ‘I have friends who spend their time thinking about, talking about, playing or watching football. Its their hobby and interest outside of work. Painting is my football. I often find myself thinking about a painting I want to start. I might do this for days while I’m away filming or working and then when I return home, I can’t get into my studio quick enough to get started, even if this is late at night and if I’m lucky, the idea will pour onto the canvas! Painting for me is really the only time I truly switch off. I’m without doubt a workaholic and this really doesn’t worry me, I love working and I’m lucky in the fact I love my work, but I realise that we all need time for our brains to relax, slow down and drift off somewhere else. Painting is this for me. You could call it a form of meditation and I actually think it is.”

After spending years studying art and artists from all periods. In 2012 he began painting in earnest, created a studio and in 2014, an art dealer spotted his work, asked if she could buy some pieces and today David’s art is in homes and private collections (including museums) around the world.

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